Research Fellow, Hiroki Higashiyama

Hiroki Higashiyama

Hiroki Higashiyama, Ph.D.

Research Area Comparative Morphology, Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Collaborating faculty Prof. Naoki Irie
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The dinosaur skeletons reminiscent of buttresses in cathedrals, the wings of butterflies like Persian carpets, the cranial nerves resembling mandalas—such splendid morphology prompts the question, "How could these forms have come into existence?" This awe, felt when we encounter the remarkable morphology of animals, has captivated people since ancient times and continues to enthrall us as a mystery of evolution.
I have dedicated my research to the evolution of vertebrates, primarily based on comparative morphology. My main interest lies in the body parts where various anatomical elements converge to create complex structures, such as the head and cardiac regions. Through detailed embryological observations, I have sought to uncover the developmental rules and the evolutionary processes underlying their complexities. In my most representative study, I have demonstrated that the mammalian-unique face with a semi-independent nose is assigned as an evolutionary novelty, which was first established overriding ancestral morphological framework highly conserved among the non-mammalian tetrapods. I have pursued such research by integrating developmental biology techniques with paleontological methods. At RCIES, I will conduct quantitative analyses of craniofacial development to explore the underlying developmental mechanisms that have driven drastic morphological evolution toward the mammalian face.

Selected Publications, Books etc.

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