About Joint use of Research Facilities

We actively promote the joint use of research equipment to enhance collaborative research efforts with both internal and external stakeholders.
For more information, please refer to the General Guidelines for the Use of Shared Research Equipment at our university (PDF).
If you wish to make use of our shared research equipment, kindly complete the Joint Use of Research Equipment Application Form (PDF) and submit it to the contact information provided below.

Contact Dr. Atsuko Matsushita

Research Facilities

1. Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Examples :

    Various organs(such as compound eye, antenna, wing, and wing scale) of insects; Remains or replicas of organisms such as animals or plants, excavated from archaeological sites; Tips of glass electrodes used in electrophysiology experiment
    [image] The Head of the Northeast-Asian wood white butterfly (Leptidea amurensis)

  • Scanning Electron Microscope

    JEOL JSM-6490LV

  • Ion Sputter / Carbon Coater

    HITACHI E-1045

  • Freeze Dryer

    HITACHI ES-2030

2. Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Photoreceptive site (rhabdom) in the compound eye of a butterfly (Colias erate)

  • Part of a large nucleus in the midbrain of a weakly electric fish (black ghost knife fish)

  • Examples :

    Various insect tissues (e.g. compound eyes, body surface, wing scale etc); Nervous system of mammals, fish, and insects

  • Transmission electron microscope

    HITACHI H-7650

    with two CCD cameras mounted OLYMPUS Quemesa & Morada

  • Ultramicrotome

    Leica UC7

  • Light microscope, equipped with digital camera


  • Glass knife maker

    Leica KMR2

  • Diamond knives


Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

  • A large monopolar neuron in the first optic neuropil in Papilio, labeled by intracellular injection with lucifer yellow.

  • Detailed view of the large monopolar neuron, fine collaterals derived from the axon.

  • Examples :

    Labeled nervous system in insects, weakly electric fish, echinoderms; Time lapse of an embryogenesis; Simultaneous imaging and photostimulation

  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

    Nikon Ti-E & A1Rsi